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Jeff Bobb Home Improvements, LLC Remodeled Kitchen 1
Jeff Bobb Home Improvements, LLC Remodeled Kitchen 1

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A stick-built sunroom or addition is built on site; the foundation, the walls and roof can match the same exterior finish materials as your existing home and the interior can be finished to achieve the look you are interested in, unlike a prefabricated modular factory-built sunroom.

The cost of a sunroom or an addition is one thing that most people consider, but there are other things that should be considered as well. The value of the addition and added home value should be considered. Prefabricated system that often looks like an appendage on a house and can be used for only two seasons of the year. A stick-built addition, however looks like the exterior of your home, increases your home value and can be used every day through all the seasons. When the time comes to sell your home you'll find out how little value prefabricated sunrooms add to value your home, while typically costing as much or more than normal stick-built rooms that add the same value per square foot as the existing square foot value of your home.

Jeff Bobb Home Improvements, LLC Kitchen Remodeling

The best option should be based on your purpose, vision and use of the new room. If you are looking for more family living space, kitchen addition, sunroom, great room, bonus room, playroom, in home office, more garage area, mother in-law suite, added bedroom, another bathroom or turning your master bedroom into a spacious master suite, a stick-built room addition can be a great way to expand your home.

Adding a sunroom to your home can enhance the view of the great outdoors, create an addition to your home you will enjoy for years to come, plus provide a welcome boost to your property value and wow factor to its added beauty. Sunrooms and additions change the way you live in your home and both have one thing in common- the homeowner wishes they had bunt the addition sooner.

The reason is simple. Sunrooms and additions become a focal point of activity in a home. With climate control, a four season sunroom impacts your lifestyle year-round.

Consider the following-uses

• Entertaining guests at any time, in any season and any weather condition.

• Becoming ground zero for family time including meals, movies or just hanging out.

• Providing a place for individual personal time for reading, a cup of coffee and other quiet activities.

• Enjoying the feeling of being outdoors without the inconvenience of temperature, inclement weather or bugs.

• Increasing the value of your home and paying dividends year-round immediately while adding more value in the future.

It's easy to see why home owners wonder why they had not added a sunroom or addition sooner.
We also specialize in patio conversions. A patio conversion encloses your existing patio or screened patio with stick-built walls and roof (if needed). We finish the exterior to look like the rest of the house and the interior in the style and with materials you choose. Heating and AC can be added to make it a true enjoyable four-season room.

This is an affordable way to get more living space out of your house at a reasonable investment that adds value to your home.

Jeff Bobb Home Improvements, LLC Kitchen Remodeling